It all started in February 1986 when Peter & Donna found themselves starting a business selling high quality 100% British made furniture and as Peter was a fully trained upholsterer they had a good start. They started small, selling only to trade customers in England and as their reputation grew they found members of the public requesting to buy directly from their factory in Rossendale. Their personal approach and high quality furniture soon gained them a great reputation and they started to grown as a company... they haven't stopped since!


In 1992 their high quality British made furniture made it to far away lands and their Springvale furniture is now sold in Ireland, Holland, Jeddah, Germany, Greece, Cyprus, Spain, France, Czech Republic, Sweden, Belgium, Malaysia, Nigeria, Norway, Qatar, Johannesburg, North Korea, Austria, Switzerland, USA and India.

Many of these countries now have furniture showrooms showcasing their beautiful British made furniture, and the Springvale name is well known throughout the furniture industry. See showroom page for information on Springvale furniture stockists.


As well as exporting a large quantity of our furniture they have also grown within the furniture industry in the UK, they have a large portfolio of customers within the UK, some of which are of the celebrity caliber, they have supplied furniture for the Wimbledon players lounge, an on screen home featured in Coronation Street, they have supplied furniture for Leona Lewis on her 2010 UK tour, Burnley football Club, Lady Gaga on her 2010 UK tour, Sir Paul McCartney’s home and more recently furniture featured on ITV’s show ‘60 minute make over’, 'The Voice Holland' TV show, 'Tommy Hilfiger' Amsterdam offices and 'Feyenoord' Football club.

As well as this impressive portfolio they have also supplied furnishings for many restaurants and bars in the UK and worldwide, furniture for the Royal House of Sands in Jeddah, furniture for exclusive yachts and many hotels around the world.


Even with this remarkable growth within the furniture industry, they continue to be very particular about the quality of furniture they produce and the materials they use. They have passed these high standards on to every person involved in making their furniture, which is why the quality and craftmenship remain the same when most others are cheapening their products. Every piece of Springvale furniture is signed by the person who made it which is a perfect example of the attention to detail, care and pride that goes into each piece of Springvale furniture. This personal approach runs throughout the company and Springvale is firmly established on three overriding factors; Honesty, Integrity and a strong belief in the Christian values of life.

For further information on our company and products please call us on 01706 211830.