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If we look back through history, the UK has a glorious history of exceptional manufacture and craftsmanship.
Indeed, we still rank around 8th on the world stage for manufacturing (excluding the Eurozone as a whole) but we are eclipsed by more productive manufacturing countries including Germany who have outputs around three times that of the UK.
The UK has a history of fine crafting which is difficult to rival.
The world over people understand and recognise British made as that of excellence. Lets take Rolls Royce and Bentley as great and of course obvious examples.
Classic Bentley
Both of these companies set out and continue to craft motor vehicles without compromise.  Both offer various models and ranges that suit a varied client base but always buyers who understand the nature of excellence.
Shoes!  Another super example of fine British manufacturing.  With Northampton being a foothold (excuse the pun) in the world of fine crafting and continues to produce some of the world's most coveted shoes for a worldwide buyer.  John Lobb is a very strong example of such a company.  Steeped in history and enormously proud of their craft.
john Lobb shoe
This is where we come in.
Furniture.  It would be difficult to find a person that does not identify furniture crafting and manufacture with England and British made.
We have a huge and strong history of excelling in this craft and we take the preservation of historic pieces very seriously indeed.  This can be seen in our restored 19thC pieces which are stunning pieces.
It is from this crafting that we developed over the years our Signature Collection.  All based around historic pieces.
In my own opinion it is vital to keep this tradition and preserve the historical lineage that we have developed over the centuries.

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